Marlborough St project

On Tuesday 8 May 2012 we signed contacts with Harrisons Building Sevices to undertake the works for Marlborough St, Leichhardt.

The project is Additions and Alterations to a single storey cottage. The existing rear of the house will be demolished leaving only the side walls. An extensive first floor addition over a singular living space down stairs that opens up to the north facing rear yard will be built. Some works to the original front house will be undetaken including a room built into the existing roofspace.

A significant part of this proposal is  managing of the ground water within the site. Currently it is known to have intermittent rising flood water under the floor. A pump out pit and secondary drainage absorbtion pit is proposed along with the usual rainwater drainage system.

THA were contracted in June 2011, the DA granted in November 2011 and construction starts June 01 2012.


View from North eastPatio with steel pergolaView from south eastView from north

2 thoughts on “Marlborough St project

  1. Love the 3D renditions, so happy with the design and now really looking forward to seeing it come alive. Paul, the kitchen images are great, I can start to picture myself in the space cooking up a storm (or at least dishing out take away)

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