Renovation and additions to a pair of churches

All Saints, Balgowlah

Project :All Saints Anglican Church Balgowlah had been working through a number of schemes over many years for the church renovation, and awarded MLP Co Builders the contract on the proviso that they cut a million dollars out of the budget. They came to us with the approved design covered in red ink and a list of suggested savings.

Once engaged, we simplified the scheme by reducing the intervention to the existing brick buildings, so that their character was respected and no longer subservient to the proposal. We proposed a lighter, transparent and recessive connection that opened into the interstitial space between buildings, acting as foyer and concourse. By removing the bulk of the structure, we could then focus on achieving a higher quality of detailing and finishing.

One of the original churches has a beautiful set of stain glass windows that were restored and relocated, so with the alterations they made a cohesive pattern and enjoyed from both within the church and also from the foyer.

Date : Completed 2019

Builder : MLP Co

Photographer : Guy Wilkinson