Client Testimonials and Award-Winning Projects

The success of our architectural practice is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients and the recognition we have received in the industry. We are proud to have been involved in numerous award-winning projects, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Here are some testimonials from our valued clients:

We engaged Trevor Hall Architects for our project in Balmain, NSW

The project involved obtaining permission from the Inner West Council to demolish our existing house and build a new 2-level home.

We knew it would be a very difficult and lengthy process as our house is located in a conservation area of Balmain.

Trevor has done a wonderful job bridging his creativity and practicality, as well as using his enormous expertise, vision, and imagination. He was down to earth, focused on the project, and very pleasant to deal with. At the same time, we found him to be an excellent communicator with leadership and persuasion abilities. He has great customer service skills which balanced our wishes and expectations with what was feasible in our project.

As a result of Trevor’s qualities and his efforts, we were successfully granted a DA and now we are looking forward to engaging him again as a project manager for building our new home. We are extremely happy with Trevor’s innovative approach and the functionality of his design as this project was very challenging given a small area of land.

In summary, we could not have achieved this without Trevor. Thank you, Trevor, we are extremely grateful.

Grazyna and Muris, Balmain (IWC Council)

So clear and thorough..

I really like working with Trevor on his projects as the documentation is so clear and thorough. I get really frustrated when I go back to other projects from different Designers where I am expected to fill in all the missing parts

Dean, Builder

I just love showing people around my new place

Sandra, Newtown

Started dreaming about the next one…

After we finished our renovations I had a sinking feeling that the adventure was over. We invited Trevor and the Builder over for a bottle of Champagne on Christmas eve to celebrate a wonderful result and then started dreaming about the next one

Julie, Leichhardt

You have the best house on the street

We contacted Hall Architects because we had seen the transformation they had made of a friend’s house in Bronte. Our terrace house in charming Surrey Street Darlinghurst had “good bones” but was very tired. We so appreciated Trevor Hall’s approach to the renovation, retaining the charm and integrity of the original terrace and creating a seamless but impactful modern renovation to kitchen, bathrooms and attic.

Trevor guided the process through some difficult Council requirements in regard to heritage, achieving what we wanted within Council regulations. The Council inspector commented to me that the Council was positively inclined towards our project partly because of the reputation within Council of Hall Architects.

Trevor’s team had an excellent relationship with our builder, working with his team to solve problems pragmatically, which made the process stress free for us. We sold the property 8 years later for a substantial profit because of the quality of the renovation.

Martha, Darlinghurst (City of South Sydney)